Although you may prefer to send your documents via the conventional email way, there are certain government agencies or corporate organizations that won't accept documents send this way. Fortunately, you don't have to own a fax machine to send email documents over online fax. Through online fax services, you can send and receive any number of documents at lower rates.


Do you know how to send fax from email? You're required to prepare a digital document before sending it through internet fax. When your document is in an electronic format already, you don't have to scan it before sending. However, any physical documents must be scanned for uploading to your email account or any supported online storage.


You won't have a hard time finding online fax companies that you can trust with the faxing of your personal or business documents. Ensure that the provider you choose values confidentiality and has implemented security features to protect your files while they're being transmitted. That assurance is critical for highly sensitive or privileged company information.


Some of the most advanced online email to fax companies support the uploading and sending of files via both email and online storage services. When sending via email, you'll follow a process similar to the one you use when sending ordinary emails. That means the service should allow you to type any message you want to send alongside your document and attach as many files as you wish. Rather than send to an email address, you'll supply a fax address of the recipient to whom you're sending the fax. Such a service must be integrated with your email account or software to function that way.


When a service is integrated with online storage services, you can submit files that you store in such platforms. You'll need to supply the fax address of the recipient in this case too. In all cases, your internet fax provider converts your email to fax before sending it to the intended recipient.


The advent of internet fax services has made it way easier for people that do not have fax machines to send files through fax. You avoid not only the costs of acquiring a fax machine but also monthly bills associated with running a dedicated fax line.  You can also be sure that you'll receive any fax messages that have been send to you without having to printout anything or keep a fax machine on 24/7.



Online email-to-fax-services are a practical alternative to buying a fax machine.

What is fax over the Internet? Why is it rising in popularity these days? What is the difference between the conventional fax machine and online fax? Should you be new to this technology and you are interested in learning more about it, then it is suggested that you continue reading this article.


What is Fax over the Internet?


Learn how to send fax from email. Fax over the Internet, also known as online faxing, fax to email and Internet faxing, is one type of technology that makes use of the Internet in sending and receiving faxes, usually in the form of email attachments. There are growing number of ordinary individuals and entrepreneurs who shift to online faxing over the conventional facsimile because of the numerous rewards they can gain from its use.


Why It Became Popular?


At present, you can find growing number of users who are into this technology because it enables them to send documents in seconds as well as save them lots of money from the money subscription services for the extra telephone line dedicate solely for the use of the facsimile machine.


This technology involves the utilization of the gateway or fax server that is connected to the Internet in receiving and sending faxes. In there, the server receives the documents and converts it to an image that is either in PDF of TIFF format. After which, the documents are sent to the email address of the users. Usually, the image contains important details like sender's email address, time received and etc.


It is cheaper compared to the old method since it no longer needs dedicate telephone lines. You simply have to install the fax over the Internet software to make use of this technology. You can send, receive and access this technology whenever and wherever you want to, provided you have your computer and a stable Internet connection.



However, to avoid problems from popping, you are advised to choose the right application software. Similar to what you did with the other services and consumer  electronics you own, you are advised to delve deeper by investigating the different types of fax over the Internet applications found in the market. Be sure to select those which provides you with numerous benefits and perks. Opt for developers with proven track history and credibility in developing reliable, trustworthy and dependable fax over the Internet applications. Make sure to consider only the best fax over the Internet solution found in the market! Read on from this email fax tutorials website. 


Sending a fax over Gmail is easy and also faster than the traditional way of faxing. Third party services link your account to a virtual number allowing you to turn your computer, Smartphone into a digital fax machine. One can quickly send and receive faxes through these services, sending a fax using an email fax services is simple, it resembles the traditional emailing but with a few distinct features. When using the email services to send a fax, the fax number is entered in the TO field, the message field will be the cover page, and the fax content is attached to the email.


First create an account with a fax service from; you can also use a free trial account if it is your first time using the service. Enter your Gmail account and click the Compose button to start the process of creating a new email. After entering your Gmail account, enter the desired fax number on the TO field followed by "". The fax provider should be the domain given to you by the fax service you wish to use. For instance, If you are using Myfax, the domain would be This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Use the subject field to enter the message that you would want to appear on the cover page, remember that the subject field is also the message field. You can then proceed to attach the document that you would like to fax. There are different file types to pick from like TXT, DOC, XLS, BMP, TIFF and JPG. Note that Gmail Fax Pro service providers will offer a wider range of file compatibility as compared to others. Locate the drive icon that is next to the paper clip to pull the documents or you can upload the documents from your computer.


After attaching the documents in whatever format you wish, your fax will be as good as ready, press the send button to complete the process. The fax transmission will not take longer than a minute. You will receive a confirmation message or an error message highlighting what went wrong. It is very rare to get an error message when using the Gmail fax services since it tries to re-send the fax, at least, three times before generating an error message.



Some fax services will give you an opportunity of opening a 30-day trial account that is fully featured. Other fax service providers will also offer you a limited amount of faxes for free; these services usually end up being costly if one decides to go for a paid fax service.